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5 Things That Changed Our Lives: ⬆️ Health, Mindset, Career, & More!



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Today we’re going “beyond the kale” by sharing the top 5 things that totally revolutionized our lives in EVERY area. We share these because we feel that they can apply to YOU TOO! Through these 5 changes, we transformed our health, our education, our world view, our self-centeredness, and our business from working 9-5 to working (less) and from anywhere! We hope this empowers you to do the same! Leave a comment below and let us know what ONE THING is that you plan on doing that will get you outside your comfort zone AND closer to your ultimate life purpose and goals!

00:00 Introduction – 5 Things That Changed Our Lives
01:22 1. A Plant-Based Lifestyle (for Health)
03:15 2. Audiobooks (for Education & Inspiration)
04:59 Our Top 5 Audiobooks That Changed It All
09:43 3. Travel & Exploration (for Broadening Our World View)
12:31 4. Having Kids (Becoming Other-Focused)
14:26 5. Pursuing Our Passion (Making Money)

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How To Turn Your Passion Into Profits – Chris Kendall



Chris Kendall (​⁠@TheRawAdvantage) is a 20-year raw vegan, registered Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher and skateboarder.

Today we explore how Chris turned his passion for raw foods and health into a full-time business and was able to quit the 9-5 grind that keeps so many of us grinding away.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – How Chris Started His Entrepreneurial Journey
5:50 – Chris’ Unconventional Business Approach
15:30 – Which product/service should you offer?
18:00 – Why should you give away free products?
20:20 – Does he have a content structure?
23:00 – How to make content that resonates with you
30:30 – Is it too late to start making content?
32:15 – The importance of finding your “why”
33:35 – His approach to schedules/structure
40:20 – Why Intention is key
41:25 – How he only works 2-4 hours/day
44:40 – Long-form, short form & getting views
49:00 – Why you SHOULD follow your passions
54:00 – How he catapulted his success
1:01:10 – Running a successful retreat
1:05:00 – Setting up an app
1:09:45 – Affiliate marketing & brand offers
1:15:20 – Why and how he started merch
1:19:00 – Balancing being authentic vs professional
1:21:00 – Important message

His Instagram:
His YouTube channel: ​⁠@TheRawAdvantage
His website:

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🌟 Hello dear friends! In this episode we are traveling to the Black sea coast’s popular sea town Amasra. Where nature meets the sea in the most enchanting dance! 🏞️ I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through the ages, unveiling the ancient charms and breathtaking beauty that make Amasra truly special.

🍽️ But wait, there’s more! Join me and a delightful French couple as we chat about Turkish cuisine on our way. It was such an experience to hear their opinion about Turkish cuisine, food they tried and how exciting they are to try to make them when back home.

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What We Ate In The Canyon / Gas Prices IN TURKIYE ⛰️
Countryside Of Turkiye: Authentic Lunch In Kastamonu:
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