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#866 Heating in a microwave, good or bad?



In this episode Frank Suárez explains what are the consequences of heating food in a microwave oven.

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The Art of Making Chocolate



From its rich history, to what’s behind the best chocolate bars in the world, your entire perception of chocolate will drastically change after listening to this episode. Chocolate Maker Ricardo Trillos takes us on his journey throughout the world in his search for finding the best cacao by only working with fair trading farms. We also do an in depth chocolate tasting which brings together all wine connoisseurs and whiskey lovers. 1:39 – 6:33 The origins of Cacao: chocolate’s main ingredient.

6:34 – 9:41 The global search for the best Cacao

9:42 – 15:16 Challenges growing Cacao

15:17 – 23:54 Consuming vs Tasting: Wines, Spirits, Chocolates.

23:55 – 31:01 How to properly taste chocolate


41:42 – 53:35 Behind the Big Brands of Chocolate

53:36 – 57:12 What to pair chocolate with


1:07:22 – 1:16:04 Why higher price, higher quality is more efficient

1:16:05 – 1:18:44 DATE NIGHT for chocolate lovers

1:18:45 – 1:27:51 WINE & CHOCOLATE PAIRING

1:27:52 – 1:29:37 Coffee and Chocolate

1:29:38 – 1:33:41 Where to get your chocolates!


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Recap: Berberine vs. Ozempic, Alcohol's Impact, The Healing Web, and Functional Foods for…



In this standout episode, I revisit this year’s most listened-to podcast episode on Spotify.

I delve into the fascinating juxtaposition of Berberine and Ozempic, and their health management impacts on your health. I tackle the pressing issue of unrealistic body standards and a recent woman’s horrific experience with Ozempic.

Additionally, I highlight Berberine’s benefits for blood sugar control and explore the Healing Web, an invaluable guide linking holistic medicine and biohacking, and discuss functional foods and how they benefit women’s health.

We talk about:
05:00 – Effects and risks of Ozempic vs. Berberine
0:12:00 – Berberine’s potential in managing blood sugar levels
34:00 – Berberine for fertility
42:00 – Alcohol and your health
56:25 – The Healing Web poster
01:00:20 – Functional foods: enhancing women’s health with nature’s nutrients
01:02:20 – Isoflavones: reducing cancer risk and menopausal symptoms
01:04:00 – Exploring the idea of functional chocolate for women

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People Article – Mom Dies After Using Weight Loss Injectables to Slim Down Before Daughter’s Wedding

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Chaos Alchemy God Ep 1-240 Multi Sub 1080P





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