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Canada Plans to Limit Its Immigration Targets ⋆ The Costa Rica News



Trudeau’s government plans to curb his immigration strategy.  The Council of Ministers is debating the need to stabilize or even reduce its annual goal of receiving new permanent residents in Canada by 2026.

 In the midst of the real estate crisis in the country, the thorny issue of establishing limits on immigration in Canada is the subject of delicate debates these days at the table of the Council of Ministers.

 According to several government sources, the hypothesis of stabilizing the immigration target for 2026 received significant support in the Cabinet during debates on this issue last week.  Thus, the immigration objective for 2026 would remain the same as that of 2025, that is, 500,000 new permanent residents per year.If this option comes to fruition, that number would mark a pause in the increase in Canada’s immigration targets, which have been rising steadily in recent years.

 Opinions on this topic are divided.  At the table, ministers also discussed the option of reducing the target below 500,000 immigrants, but a final decision has not yet been made.

 A final decision must be studied by a Cabinet committee and could be presented again to the Council of Ministers next Tuesday.  The formal announcement will be communicated the following day, November 1.

 According to the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada, the immigration goal for 2023 is 465,000 immigrants, 485,000 for 2024 and 500,000 for 2025.In 2022, Canada welcomed more than 431,000 new permanent residents, a record.

A delicate balance

The housing crisis in Canada has put the issue of immigration in the country under consideration.  Economists say Ottawa should lower its immigration targets as housing construction catches up to demand at home.  At the same time, the business community is calling for more immigrants to offset labor shortages.

 In the Council of Ministers, points of view diverge.  Some advocate for a reduction, while others advocate for the status quo.  According to some sources, an increase in objectives would not be one of the options.

“We must determine how not to distort the reputation of the Liberal Party [in terms of immigration and reception] and maintain the trust of Canadians”, declared one of the elected officials familiar with the discussions.

 At the same time, the source admitted that due to the housing shortage affecting Canada and the ability of the provinces to integrate and offer all services to newcomers, it is difficult to foresee an increase in immigration.  We will not go beyond what we have already promised, he added.It has to be done correctly.  We are not blind: housing is needed, services are needed, declared a Liberal elected official on condition of anonymity.

 According to another Liberal source, the government must find a balance to maintain the trust of Canadians.  The population must remain open to immigration, this source stated.  “We were very generous,” he added.

 In August, in one of his first interviews as immigration minister, Marc Miller rejected the idea of ​​lowering the immigration targets set by the Canadian government.  “I don’t see a scenario in which we reduce those objectives”, he indicated in an interview. “The needs are too great, he said, referring to labor shortages and an aging population”.  However, he did not reject the idea of ​​stabilizing them at the current level or increasing them. Immigrants make up 23% of the population in Canada. Record number of Canadians speak a first language other than French and English

Francophone objectives

Ottawa also wants to encourage the arrival of French-speaking immigrants to stem the decline of minority language communities outside Quebec.  The new version of the Official Languages ​​Law, adopted earlier this year, provides for the establishment of a francophone immigration policy to guarantee the survival of these communities.

 According to our information, a scenario is being discussed aimed at progressively increasing the target of French-speaking immigration outside of Quebec.  The last objective, 4.4%, was achieved this year.

 The Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities asked that the target be set at 12% in 2024, to reach 20% in 2036, in order to restore the demographic weight of Francophone minority communities.

 Following the modernization of the law, Ottawa expressed its intention to restore the demographic weight of French-speaking minority communities to the level of 1971, that is, 6.1.

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Costa Rican Romance: A Guide to Finding Love in the Land of Pura Vida



You’re strolling through the vibrant streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, surrounded by the tropical beauty and the rhythmic sounds of life. You’re not just there for the coffee or the stunning vistas; you’re on a quest for love. Costa Rican women, renowned for their natural beauty and charm, have captured your heart. But where to begin? Whether you’re packing your bags or logging into a dating site, let’s explore how you can meet the Tica of your dreams.

Costa Rica’s Beauties: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Costa Rican women are the epitome of grace and beauty, but they’re not just eye candy. These ladies are known for their strong family values, spirituality, manners, and class. It’s no surprise that men from around the globe are flocking to this Central American paradise in search of a life partner.

Where to Find Your Costa Rican Love

In the Heart of San Jose:

San Jose, the capital city, is buzzing with potential. This metropolitan hub is teeming with life and is the perfect playground for love-seekers. With numerous malls, coffee shops, and cultural hotspots like theaters and museums, you’re never short of places to meet someone special. Remember, showing interest in their culture can be your golden ticket.

Costa Rican Bars and Nightclubs:

If nightlife is more your scene, then the local bars and nightclubs are your battlefield. Places like El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte and Stiefel Pub are just a few hotspots where you can mingle with the locals. Be bold, buy a drink, and who knows, you might just dance your way into someone’s heart.

Beaches: Where Love and Waves Collide:

Costa Rica’s beaches are not just for sunbathing and surfing. They’re also prime spots for meeting laid-back, beach-loving beauties. From Guanacaste Province to Puerto Viejo, the coastline is dotted with resorts and beach bars brimming with potential love interests.

Malls and Supermarkets: The Unexpected Cupid:

Don’t overlook malls and supermarkets. These everyday spots are teeming with stunning women, both shoppers and staff. Strike up a conversation at a stall; it’s a great way to meet someone in a relaxed setting.

Parks and Coffee Shops: Where Romance Brews:

Take a leisurely stroll in one of San Jose’s parks or grab a cup of the world’s best coffee. Costa Rica takes its coffee seriously, and so do its women. A casual chat in a coffee shop could lead to something more.

Online Dating: Love in the Digital Age

If a trip to Costa Rica isn’t on your agenda, don’t fret. The digital world brings Costa Rican beauties right to your screen. With online dating platforms, you can start your romantic journey from afar. It’s convenient, effective, and who knows, your perfect match might just be a click away.

Finding love in Costa Rica is an adventure in itself. Whether you’re exploring the lively streets of San Jose, dancing the night away in a local club, lounging on the beach, or browsing profiles online, the journey is as thrilling as the destination. So, pack your bags or power up your laptop; your Costa Rican romance awaits in the land of pura vida!

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Costa Rica’s Forests: Not Quite the Climate Change Superheroes We Hoped For



In a twist that might make a sloth sprint, Costa Rica’s lush forests, while impressive, are falling short in the battle against climate change. The 2023 State of the Nation Report reveals a hard truth: Costa Rica’s forests, though expanding, can’t shoulder the burden of climate change alone. It’s like expecting a single umbrella to keep an entire soccer team dry during a downpour.

Forests: The Green Crusaders with Limitations

Costa Rica’s forests are like natural air purifiers, but they’re struggling to keep up with the greenhouse gases we’re pumping out. The report points out that forest degradation is reducing their ability to gobble up carbon emissions. The energy sector, agriculture, industrial processes, and solid waste are throwing more at the forests than they can handle.

More Than Just a Tree Hugger’s Problem

The issue isn’t just about loving trees; it’s about revamping our energy habits. The transportation sector, still cozy with fossil fuels, needs an electric shock of change. The report nudges towards a shift in energy and agricultural practices and pokes at the sluggish adoption of electric vehicles.

Positive Green Strides

But it’s not all gloom and doom. The report applauds Costa Rica’s green cover, covering 57% of the national territory in 2022, and the consistency of protected wild areas. The expansion of payment schemes for environmental services also gets a nod, marking a 760% increase after a two-year slump.

Karen Chacón Araya’s Environmental Insights

Karen Chacón Araya, the environmental chapter researcher, reminisces about Costa Rica’s long-standing conservation efforts. The rebound from the deforestation spikes of the 1950s and 60s is a tale of triumph. Yet, she points out, the forests, though carbon positive, are not enough to tackle the entire climate crisis.

The Forest Degradation Conundrum

The report dives into forest degradation, an unseen villain causing a dip in carbon storage capabilities. Chacón emphasizes that to truly aim for decarbonization, Costa Rica must tackle energy and agriculture sectors head-on.

Wildfires: The Unseen Enemy

Adding fuel to the fire, literally, are the increasing forest wildfires. In 2022, these blazes affected over 43,000 hectares, nearly doubling from 2021, further hampering the forests’ ability to combat carbon emissions.

A Call for Wider Action

The report is clear: leaning on forests alone is like trying to bail out a boat with a teaspoon. It’s time to rethink energy usage, water resources, and agricultural land use. Stagnation in these areas is essentially backpedaling on environmental progress.

The Threat to Marine Life and Species

The increase in protected areas doesn’t shield the growing number of threatened species or the deteriorating health of the oceans. The report warns of a rise in total fishing hauls, further stressing marine ecosystems.

Franz Tattenbach Capra’s Reality Check

Minister of Environment and Energy, Franz Tattenbach Capra, admits the forests’ limitations. But he’s quick to defend their value, arguing that if the world followed Costa Rica’s lead in taxing fossil fuels for reforestation, we’d be in a greener place. He points to sustainable agro-landscapes and energy initiatives as part of the solution.

Budget Constraints

The conservation efforts are like a car running on fumes – there’s just not enough budget. Sinac’s budget cuts have led to a 70% decrease in hours dedicated to protecting natural assets.

A Collaborative Future

The solution may lie in a joint effort involving international funding, private enterprise, and civil society. It’s about getting everyone on board, from big corporations to the average Joe.

So, Costa Rica’s forests, while doing their best, need a bit of help from their friends – us. It’s about making changes in how we use energy, get around, and grow our food. With a collective push, maybe we can turn Costa Rica’s forests from climate change sidekicks into superheroes.

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Costa Rica Seizes 1.7 Tons of Marijuana in Boat Bust :



In a significant operation conducted by the Costa Rican Coast Guard in collaboration with US authorities, a boat named “Lexus” was intercepted in the South Pacific region, 24 kilometers off Cape Matapalo. The vessel, spotted by a US Maritime Patrol Air Patrol (MPA) on Thursday afternoon, was carrying a substantial illicit cargo.

The 38-foot-long boat, with foreign registration CP-01-3333, was equipped with two powerful outboard engines of 250Hp each. The interception, which took place at 1:36 in the afternoon and lasted 12 hours, resulted in the seizure of approximately 1,724 kilos of marijuana and 36 kilos of cocaine.

Costa Rica strictly prohibits the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes; only medicinal use is allowed. The intercepted vessel was manned by two Nicaraguan nationals, a 44-year-old captain named Wilson and a 27-year-old sailor named Julias.

Both individuals, found to have irregular status in Costa Rica, were residents of Laguna Perla.

The Costa Rican authorities, alerted by the US MPA, initiated a chase, successfully capturing the vessel and detaining the crew members. The suspects were subsequently handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This operation comes on the heels of another recent success for the Costa Rican coast guard, which seized almost two tons of cocaine two weeks prior after chasing a boat in the Caribbean. The country has been actively combating drug trafficking, with data from the Costa Rican Drug Institute revealing that 24.7 tons of cocaine were seized in 2022.

The intercepted vessel, “Lexus,” was not only carrying a significant quantity of drugs but also had 17 tin cans containing approximately 500 liters of fuel and unspecified illicit substances. The successful coordination between the Costa Rican Coast Guard and US authorities highlights the importance of international collaboration in tackling transnational criminal activities.

The detained crew members, facing charges related to drug trafficking, are now under the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, emphasizing the commitment of Costa Rica to combatting drug-related crimes and ensuring maritime security in the region.

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