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Costa Rica Send Off: My Green Goodbye Plans



I have now lived half of my life in Costa Rica, and as I have no plans to leave, my reality is that I will die here. With the recent Dia de los Muertos fresh on my mind, I have been thinking about what I want done with my body when my final day arrives. The standard cemetery burial is out. I was dragged to too many cemeteries when I was young, to put flowers on the graves of people I never knew. My only visits to a cemetery since then have been to bury loved ones.

Always a solemn experience. I want my demise to be a celebration and not an expensive lowering into the ground to whimpers and sniffling. I have been narrowing it down and have come to a few contenders for how to dispose of my remains.

I may still choose to be buried, but not in a cemetery. There is a new possibility on the horizon that allows you to be buried beneath where a tree will be planted. Called Tree Pod Burial, your body is wrapped in a biodegradable pod, rolled into the ground, and a tree planted directly above.

As the egg begins to break down, the body is exposed to the earth and undergoes its own process of decay. Nutrients and microbes from the body then nourish the tree which will continue to grow well after the body has wholly disintegrated. What better way to go out here in Costa Rica than as the base of a future tree! This is presently number one on my list.

There are other possibilities, all taking into account the amazing array of nature we are blessed with here. We have five active volcanoes here– Turrialba, Poas, Irazu, Arenal and Rincon de la Vieja– and I like the idea of having my body dropped into one. The logistics and permits required would likely be challenging, so if this is my winning choice, I would need to plan years in advance.

Another option goes the opposite direction of a volcano’s fires. I could have my body taken via horseback up our highest peak, and be left permanently frozen high on Chirripo to serve as a human signpost like those on Everest.

As they have rules against bringing dead bodies into the park, I would need to have an entrance paid for, and a way of propping my body up on the horse to make it look like I was alive, just in case we crossed path with park rangers. This is another option that would be difficult to pull off, but still in the running.

As this region of the world has a past in practicing mummification, I am considering being mummified and mounted on a boogie board, and then put on display at any of our beautiful beaches, maybe even placed on a pedestal as a companion piece to the Mermaid of Playa Esterillos.

This is a longshot, as I doubt Costa Rica has anyone with mummifying credentials. As all of the above involve some expense, and there is always the possibility I die broke (I recently calculated my net worth and it came to four figures… with a decimal point halfway), I have a couple of inexpensive options in mind. One would be to leave my body below the Tarcoles River bridge as food for crocs. And if putrefaction has begun to set in, to leave my body in a field as food for vultures.

As there would be over 200 pounds of carrion, it would be a buffet for zopilotes. All of the above are preferable to the standard, expensive and wasteful burial method used in much of the world.

According to the Green Burial Council, burials in the United States use about nearly 5 million gallons of embalming fluid, tens of millions of feet of hardwood, millions of tons of concrete and tens of thousands of tons of metals, including bronze each and every year.

All of my body disposal possibilities are different ways of going green and being one with nature–and isn’t that one of the main reasons we are here.

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Coach Campos Banned 6 Months for Racist Insult :



The Ethics Committee of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation has found coach Jeaustin Campos responsible for racially insulting Saprissa’s Jamaican player, Javon East. This decision, announced by the FCRF on Monday, resulted in Campos being banned from participating in any soccer-related activity for a period of six months and fined $5,000.

“Mr. Jeaustin Campos Madriz is declared responsible for the facts imputed in the present proceedings and with that having infringed Article 23 and Article 24 of the Code of Ethics of the Costa Rican Football Federation, for which he is sanctioned with the prohibition to participate in any activity related to soccer for a period of 6 months and an economic fine equivalent to the sum of $5,000,” read the resolution.

Campos, currently the coach of Herediano, is set to play in the semifinals against Alajuelense this weekend. Despite the sanction and the notification to the parties involved, the resolution remains unsigned, as it can be challenged under the official regulations of the FCRF and FIFA.

“The Ethics Committee will not refer to this case due to the confidentiality to which they are bound by regulations,” the Federation indicated in the press release.

The incident dates back to March of this year when Javon East reported racist insults by Campos, the then Saprissa coach, allegedly occurring during a game at the Lito Perez stadium. In response, Saprissa dismissed Campos, who, at a press conference, denied insulting East and vowed to take legal action against Saprissa for what he deemed an unjustified dismissal.

East reported Campos to the Professional Players Association (ASOJUPRO), which brought the case to light. Campos, in a press conference, defended the incident as “locker room talk” and claimed ignorance of any complaint until the team informed him.

“I never noticed any complaint, I never saw it, they never showed it to me,” he mentioned. “There was a soccer discussion, 100% soccer, and when the group tells me that there is a player who is affected, I simply apologized,” said the coach, without providing further details.

With the imposed sanction, an appeal process will follow. If Campos is sanctioned he will be unable to be on the bench at the end of the current tournament and potentially in the next championship.

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Earth Exceeds the 2°C Threshold for the First Time ⋆ The Costa Rica News



Very hot? The Earth’s temperature exceeded 2 °C above pre-industrial levels for 2 consecutive days, on November 17 and 18, 2023, according to data from the Copernicus Climate Change Monitoring Service, a European Union program responsible for detecting anomalies in the planet’s environment.

What does it mean to cross 2°C?

The 2 °C temperature limit had been warned by the Paris Agreement as a value that, if maintained for a prolonged period of time, would imply irreparable and extreme damage to the planet, worse than what could happen if it exceeded 1 .5°C. For example, the heat in warm seasons would be more extreme and more flooding would occur worldwide.

It should be noted that a frequent trend with these temperature levels is required for the most serious effects—and to violate the 2015 international treaty in which various countries committed not to cross the fence—so climate change experts still They maintain that something can be done about it.

“While exceeding the threshold for several days does not mean that we have failed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the more often we exceed this threshold, the more serious the cumulative effects will be,” said the director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Worrying figures

The anomalies warn that this month would be the warmest November in recorded history. Meanwhile, on Friday the 17th, the planet’s temperature reached an extra 2.07 °C and the next day it reached 2.06 °C.

Likewise, Copernicus has warned that 2023 will be the hottest year, according to the information to date. It is worth remembering that in October the temperatures of the pre-industrial era were 1.7 °C above.

Additionally, in August of this year, NASA reported that sea temperatures were 3°C warmer than normal. According to the space entity, this would have been a product of the El Niño phenomenon added to global warming.

The new data comes shortly before the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP 28, which will begin on Thursday, November 30 and end on December 12.

Given the panorama, the UN published the report on the 2023 emissions gap, titled ‘Broken record’, which highlights the insufficient actions of countries to reduce carbon emissions.

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