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Nevro Corp’s Quest for Environmentally Sustainable Operations – Coyol Free Zone – Costa Rica



The company established manufacturing operations in Costa Rica because it’s one of the top 10 eco-friendly countries in the world

October, 2023. Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection policies and practices has been a significant factor in Nevro Corp to establish its medical device manufacturing operations in our country.

“We chose Costa Rica because, among its other qualities,  it’s one of the top 10 eco-friendly countries in the world, with regulations and governmental support,” explained Yogi Chitre, Nevro Corp’s Manufacturing VP. This decision was also influenced by the country’s highly qualified human talent and its expertise in manufacturing medical devices.

The company operates from a 35,000 square foot facility in Coyol Free Zone in Alajuela,  producing chronic pain treatment devices with state-of-the-art technology.

The company currently employs over 150 employees, 60% of them being women and 40% male. “We foresee sustained growth and further expansion in Costa Rica, presenting even more employment opportunities,”stated Juliana Hernandez, Human Resources Manager.

Nevro is Awarded the Ecologic Blue Flag

Nevro Corp’s dedication to environmentally sustainable operations earned them the Ecologic Blue Flag in the “Against Climate Change” category. Impressively, they were rewarded with Two Stars already in their first year of operation.

“Since establishing our operations in Costa Rica, we’ve committed to operating responsibly, seeking to improve our patients’ quality of life while staying committed to sustainable practices. The Ecologic Blue Flag award affirms our dedication to environmental sustainability and operational growth.” assured Alonso Moya, Site Director.

Nevro Corp is dedicated to ongoing process enhancements to protect and improve the environment.

“We are encouraging our employees to minimize their household environmental footprint, with the hopes of recognition in the Sustainable Homes category”, added Luis Pablo González, EH&S Sesion Leader.

The company’s environmental initiatives include waste management, implementing sustainable procurement policies, responsible power and water management and participating in activities like planting trees and beach clean-ups.

Carlos Wong, General Manager at Coyol Free Zone, emphasized that their commitment as leaders in Costa Rican industrial park development is to provide clients with world-class real estate development and sustainable industrial practices.

Within Coyol Free Zone, companies benefit from facilities that promote the care and wellbeing of their employees. These include eco-efficient gardens designed and built to minimize the impact on the environment and buildings with sustainable construction adhering to the LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This certification evaluates criteria such as energy efficiency, water management, alternative energy, indoor environmental quality, material selection, and waste management.

About Coyol Free Zone

Coyol Free Zone is the leading Medical Device export park in Costa Rica, exporting over US$2 billion per year, which is equivalent to 30% of the exports of the Manufacturing segment of the Free Trade Zone Regime in the country.
For the past four years, it has been part of the Top 10 Free Trade Zones in the World nd was designated as the Best Free Trade Zone in America, in the Top 10 worldwide and Honorable Mention for Environmental Practices, Infrastructure and Logistics, by fDi Intelligence in 2022.
It is also the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean for the fourth consecutive year, the Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine.

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2,000 people trained to work in the Life Sciences Industry – Coyol Free Zone – Costa Rica



  • Courses were taught in the first half of 2023

 August. Four different initiatives developed by Coyol Free Zone enabled approximately 2,000 people to strengthen their skills and abilities to opt for quality employment in the Life Sciences industry or to specialize in their current jobs.

This Park offers an educational effort with social projection called “Coyol Te Prepara” que (Coyol Prepares You), which includes various programs to support people by providing training and employability. One of them is the Manufacturing Operator Course, offered virtually and free of charge to learn about the particular features of the Life Sciences industry, of which 1630 people have taken advantage in the first 6 months of 2023.

Historically, since its launch in 2021, the course has benefited more than 7000 people of all ages and educational levels.

A second program included in “Coyol Te Prepara” is the educational tours. It is coordinated with the educational center and companies in the Free Trade Zone to receive students from high schools and universities with careers related to the medical device industry. The objective is to hold talks and visits to companies to address topics such as the importance of soft skills, English proficiency, technical courses to strengthen their careers, and to build aspirations both in terms of studies and as an excellent place to work.

The students who have been received in this first semester of the year are from towns such as San Ramón de Alajuela, San Carlos, Sabanilla de Alajuela and Desamparados. The Coyol Free Zone companies that have opened their doors to them are: Hologic, SMC Ltda, Segex and Coopervision.

“Our outreach to nearby communities, companies and educational centers is essential for the country, not only as a contribution to our search for talent, but also as a way to promote and awaken their interest in careers related to science, mathematics and engineering, which will have a high placement rate of professionals in the short and medium term”, said Carlos Wong, Managing Director of Coyol Free Zone.

In addition, the Park provided training through the National Learning Institute (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, INA) for 181 employees in areas such as quality inspector, information and communication technology operator, English, occupational health, and production supervisor, among others, thanks to an agreement between the entity and the Coyol Free Zone development group.

Within the framework of the current agreement between INA and Coyol Free Zone, a technical assistance program was developed to strengthen the manual and motor skills of potential candidates for the position of manufacturing operator and to become active employees within the companies.

They are joined by a group of 145 people who work in the Free Trade Zone, and joined BachiCoyol, an initiative together with the Castro Carazo University to support Park employees to start or complete the third cycle of high school education and obtain their High School Diploma (Bachillerato por Madurez) through virtual classes.

Coyol Free Zone is also the first free zone to open its doors to Dual Education in alliance with the Ministry of Public Education (MEP). Thanks to the participation of the companies SMC Ltda., CooperVision and Abbott, the students of the Industrial Electronics technical career of the Technical Professional School (CTP) of Atenas are studying their second year alternating between school and companies, a modality that allows them to have the skills and knowledge of companies engaged in advanced manufacturing and production of medical devices.

About Coyol Free Zone

Coyol Free Zone is the leading medical device export park in Costa Rica, exporting over US$2 billion per year, which is equivalent to 30% of the exports of the manufacturing segment of the country’s Free Zone Regime.
For the past four years, it has been part of the Top 10 Free Trade Zones in the World, and was named the Best Free Trade Zone in the Americas, in the Top 10 worldwide and Honorable Mention for Environmental Practices, Infrastructure and Logistics, by fDi Intelligence in 2022.
It is also the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean for the fourth consecutive year, the Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year, and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Manufacturing Industry: What does it imply? – Coyol Free Zone – Costa Rica



Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being incorporated into many technologies involved in the smart manufacturing process , including semiconductors, communications equipment, software applications, and platforms.

At Coyol Free Zone, we believe in AI’s potential to improve the smart manufacturing industry, associated with the benefits of increasing efficiency and sustainability in many processes.

The influence of AI in manufacturing is growing, with many applications starting to change the way factories and plants are managed.

With AI evolving as a catalyst that may reshape the workforce strategies, roles, and business benefits in our industry in the coming years, all companies should be ready for the challenges related to adopting these technologies.

The current implementation of AI in the manufacturing industry

According to survey results from the “Manufacturing Leadership Council’s New Industrial AI in 2030”, many manufacturers have just recently started evaluating AI implementation potential.

They also have clear plans to significantly accelerate such adoption in the coming years, with 96% of all surveyed companies expecting a substantial increase in AI investment levels.

The survey shows that 57% of the consulted companies are still in the experimental phase with AI technology, to identify how it can be applied and managed, and what implications it could have for their functions.

Nevertheless, a significant 28% of the surveyed companies say they are already implementing AI projects operationally, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, production, and inventory management.

The expected implications and benefits of AI implementation in the manufacturing industry

One of the desired outcomes of implementing AI is to leverage its analytical power to optimize processes, leading to better decision-making, cost savings, improved planning, increased agility, enhanced competitiveness, and sustainability across the company operations.

In terms of benefits for production and supply chain operations, the survey results indicate that the top expected outcomes include improvements in predictive maintenance, more sustainable production operations, and process innovation.

Companies were also asked about the noticeable challenges they believe AI adoption could bring to their environments.

A remarkable 65% of the participants indicated that their main concern is data issues, which include challenges in accessing, formatting, and integrating disparate sets of data, as well as data privacy.

Other concerns mentioned in the survey were the absence of appropriate AI skills among employees, and the need to upgrade legacy equipment.

In terms of workforce impact, 45% of interviewees predict that their workforce headcount will not be affected by the implementation of AI technologies, while 32% expect these changes to increase their workforce headcount, aiming to cope with the availability of new roles in response to upcoming necessities.

Finally, when asked about how significant of an impact will AI have on the manufacturing industry in 2030 and beyond, 59% of the respondents described AI-related implementations as “very significant or game-changing for this industry.”

AI manufacturing implementation in industrial park Coyol Free Zone

According to the Manufacturing Leadership Council, the key to fully maximizing the potential of the new trends of Manufacturing 4.0 is the ability to leverage the information from all aspects of manufacturing. This may not only provide a step change in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, but also enable business model innovation that can enhance value creation.

This philosophy aligns with our vision at industrial park , where our leadership in sustainable Real Estate development in the Americas, demands us to increase efficiency standards, and guide our suppliers into providing the best quality of products with cost-effectiveness and reduced times.

Alongside our values of innovation, adaptability, and efficiency, we recognize that the implementation of AI in some of our processes will represent an asset in the future, towards our commitment to keep providing innovative solutions to world-class clients.

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Your Guide to Land Prices in Costa Rica



Costa Rica, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, has become more than just one of the most popular tourist destinations. For potential investors, this vibrant nation offers both unique lifestyle and investment opportunities, especially in the real estate sector. However, every savvy investor knows that just because a place is a popular investment doesn’t mean everyone is buying the right property in the right place. For this reason we have compiled this brief guide to land prices in Costa Rica.

Northern Guanacaste – A Strategic Investment Area

The northwestern part of Costa Rica in Guanacaste province (often referred to as the “Gold Coast) is a prime real estate hotspot. Towns such as Playa Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, Playa Langosta and others in this area are sought after locations where both beachfront and mountain-view properties are available. With land located near city amenities and some within walking distance to the beach, the region is ripe with investment opportunities that cater to diverse preferences. However, finding that special property in the ideal location where it will hold and increase in value requires local knowledge and experience. If you are planning to invest on the Gold Coast, you may want to read the FAQ’s and get informed on the first steps. 

Factors that Affect Land Prices in Costa Rica

There are many factors that determine Costa Rica land prices, not all of them obvious to the new investor. Here is a list of the major factors every investor should take into consideration before deciding where to buy a property in Costa Rica.

Proximity to the Beach and Property Value

Proximity to the beach significantly amplifies property value. Beachfront or near-beach properties in the Gold Coast region are in high demand. Being close to the beach not only provides direct access to one of the country’s primary natural attractions but also aligns with the desires of many investors and expatriates seeking the ideal blend of relaxation and potential rental income. Such properties, due to their strategic location, command higher prices and often present faster appreciation rates, making them a top consideration for serious real estate investors in Costa Rica.

Proximity to Amenities

The convenience of being close to essential services or city centers can’t be overstated. Properties that offer walking distance access to supermarkets, medical facilities, schools, and recreational areas see a surge in demand. Moreover, the blend of modern city-life amenities with Costa Rica’s natural beauty creates an unparalleled living experience. As such, properties that boast close proximity to such amenities not only offer a lifestyle advantage but also command premium prices. This premium is often reflected in both initial purchase prices and potential rental incomes, which makes them appealing to both residential and investor buyers.

Ocean and/or Mountain Views

In a nation renowned for its natural beauty, properties that offer beautiful views stand out as premium investments. Ocean views, especially panoramic vistas that capture the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, add significant value to properties. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal; it’s about the lifestyle of waking up to the soothing sounds of the waves or enjoying sunsets over the water. Similarly, mountain views, or valley views, with their cooler climates and diverse flora and fauna, provide a tranquil setting. Both ocean and mountain-view properties are in high demand, which drives up their valuation, making them a lucrative investment option.


An often overlooked but crucial factor in determining property value is the state of local infrastructure. Properties with easy access to well-maintained roads reduce commute times and transportation costs. Reliable water and electricity supply are foundational for everyday living and can significantly affect the desirability of a location. Moreover, areas that have sound telecommunications infrastructure, including high-speed internet access, are crucial for the modern homeowner or entrepreneur looking to set up shop. Investing in areas with robust infrastructure ensures that the property remains desirable, commands a higher resale value, and offers the conveniences that residents and businesses increasingly demand.

Development Potential

The potential for development is a goldmine for savvy investors. While untouched land exudes natural charm, its value amplifies exponentially if it’s suitable for development. Whether you’re eyeing commercial ventures such as hotels, resorts, or shopping centers, or residential projects like gated communities or apartment complexes, the right piece of land can be transformative. Furthermore, areas marked by the government or local bodies for future infrastructural or touristic development can see their land prices skyrocket in anticipation. Investors should keep a keen eye on such areas and also ensure that the land’s legalities, such as zoning permissions, are clear to maximize returns on their investment.

Foreign Investment and Economic Stability

Costa Rica stands out in Central America for its long-standing democratic traditions and socio-political stability. The nation’s commitment to peace, abolition of its military, and sustained focus on enhancing education and healthcare systems have culminated in a stable political environment, making it a favored destination for foreign investments. The country’s geostrategic location, functioning as a bridge between North and South America, positions it as a gateway for commerce and international relations, augmenting its appeal for commercial development ventures.

Tax Implications

Investing in Costa Rica is made even more enticing thanks to its friendly tax structure. Property taxes are generally low compared to North American and European standards. Furthermore, the absence of capital gains taxes on real estate sales means potential higher returns on property investments. However, the tax landscape can be intricate, so it’s crucial for investors to seek guidance from local tax professionals to ensure compliance and maximize fiscal benefits.

Infrastructure Development and Its Impact on Property Value

Historically, some parts of Costa Rica were less attractive to investors due to accessibility challenges. However, with the government and private sector’s continued investment in infrastructure development, roads, bridges, and public utilities have seen significant improvement. This, in turn, has augmented the value of previously overlooked regions. Smart investors are now scouting areas earmarked for future infrastructural projects. Proximity to evolving hubs, like the new Flamingo Marina, indicates regions where land prices are likely to appreciate rapidly.

Understanding Local Customs and Building Trust

While Costa Rica is welcoming to foreigners, understanding and respecting local traditions and customs can significantly impact the success of an investment. It’s more than just business transactions; it’s about building relationships. Engaging in community events, supporting local causes, and seeking endorsements from local leaders can bridge cultural gaps. Hiring local experts or representatives can facilitate smoother interactions, ensuring that both parties feel respected and valued.

Environmental Regulations and Their Impact on Development

Costa Rica’s reputation as an ecological haven isn’t accidental. The nation takes its commitment to the environment seriously. This ethos translates to strict environmental regulations, especially concerning real estate development near ecologically sensitive areas. Investors should be diligent, researching any restrictions or requirements before making purchasing decisions. This approach ensures that development endeavors are sustainable, aligning with both environmental best practices and regulatory standards.

Potential Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Every investment landscape has inherent risks, and Costa Rica is no exception. Issues like land title disputes, the rights of squatters, or vulnerability to natural events like earthquakes or floods require proactive planning. Before purchasing, investors should undertake thorough due diligence, verifying property titles and boundaries. Engaging with local legal experts and understanding the intricacies of Costa Rican property laws can be invaluable. Moreover, securing comprehensive insurance policies can mitigate potential financial risks tied to natural calamities.

Exclusive Gated Communities and Residential Lots

For those seeking a blend of luxury, security, and community, choosing an exclusive gated community may be the best choice. These communities often come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as private pools, fitness centers, club houses, and even golf courses. The enhanced security measures, like 24/7 surveillance and guarded entrances, offer peace of mind. Residential lots within these confines are increasingly popular among expatriates and affluent locals alike. Investing in such properties not only provides a luxurious living experience but also promises a sustainable and appreciating asset in the long run.

Conclusion: Crafting a Balanced Investment Strategy

Investing in Costa Rica promises both beauty and substantial returns. By understanding the local landscape and partnering with local experts, investors can craft a strategy that’s both profitable and harmonious with Costa Rica’s ethos.

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