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What I Did To Lose Weight & Get Fit + How To Stay In Shape For Good: 15 Tips



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Hey EatMoveRest Fam! So, the other day on my IG stories, I was answering your questions and one of them pertained to weight loss…how to get rid of stubborn weight and how I managed to tone up and stay that way. I was shocked at the number of DMs I received wanting to know more about my experience and what knowledge I might be able to share to help you! Whether weight loss is your goal or not, I feel that these tips can also be applied to anyone who is really wanting to get into better shape and feel more fit and energized. Let me know in the comments what tip helped you most!

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15 Weight Loss Questions to Ask Yourself:
(Count up the Yes’s and No’s and focus on improving the No’s. Aim for 5 or less No’s)

1) Am I getting enough quality rest and sleep? (6-8hr at night, relaxing during day)
2) Am I staying truly hydrated? (drinking enough plain water)
3) Am I eating when hungry? (not starving myself or fasting too long)
4) Am I eating whole foods? (avoiding processed, packaged junk foods)
5) Do I have good digestion? (pooping regularly, minimal bloating)
6) Am I supplementing properly? (B12 if vegan, D3, omega 3, etc)
7) Am I moving daily? (getting exercise, sweating, elevating heart rate)
8) Am I living a low stress lifestyle? (practicing ways to manage mental health)
9) Does my clothing fit properly? (not restrictive or too tight)
10) Do I have good posture? (core tight, upright, not slouching)
11) Am I generally in a good mood? (minimal mood swings, grumpy, foggy)
12) Are my personal care and household products low-tox/clean? (fragrance-free, etc)
13) Am I calorie conscious? (educated on caloric density of foods I eat)
14) Am I giving it my absolute best? (truly practicing discipline, self-control, commitment)
15) Could I practice a bit more self-love and self-acceptance? (be ok where I’m currently at, even if I haven’t reached my ultimate goals)

EatMoveRest Your Best,
🍍 Erin & Dusty

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